Grease Trap (Floor) D-SU15 DOS Model GT-06/BK-15L Capacity 15 Liters Black

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Good quality DOS grease trap for wastewater treatment in the kitchen. for good quality of effluent before discharging it into public water sources and reducing the problem of clogged water pipes due to fat Provides high filtration treatment efficiency with a 3-stage operation system. The body is made of materials. Good quality polypropylene through standardized production process. high durability Suitable for use in restaurants or general residence

  • Grease trap standard quality from DOS
  • Suitable for use in restaurants or accommodation
    • For use in a residential house of 1-5 people
    • For use in restaurants, 1 table
  • The body and lid are made of high quality Plastic PP (Polypropylene) material, which is strong, durable, resistant to corrosion and heat more than PE.
  • The internal grille is made of durable corrosion resistant Nylon 6 material. Eliminate rust or damage problems. When knocking clean
  • 3-step system
    • food waste trap Helps to filter food waste and various impurities Make the drain pipe not clogged.
    • The grease separator is designed to suit the direction of water flow and tank shape. Effective in separating and extracting fat to float above the water surface.
    • grease drain When the fat is separated from the water and accumulated inside the tank In about 7 days, the fat can be drained out through the water pipes into black bags or containers prepared for disposal.
  • Water outlet and grease drain kit The new design hides the fat drain pipe vertically. This allows the fat to drain completely and not stick out.
  • Installed on the floor by connecting the drain hose from the sink to the tank and walk out the sewer pipe public water pipes or to a septic tank
  • 1 year product warranty (according to the manufacturer's conditions)
  • Capacity 15 liters
  • black

Technical data

  • Inlet pipe: 2 inches
  • Outlet pipe: 2 inches
  • Grease vent pipe: 1 inch
  • Sediment drain: 3/4 in.
  • Product size: width 29 x length 39.5 x height 33 cm.

Product specifics

Capacity (liters)
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Product size (cm.)
(A)29 x (L)29 x (H)47
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