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Privacy Policy

Mahar shwe Myay recognized that our customers value their personal information and the way it is collected, used , revealed and retained, we are committed to treating your personal information as comply with applicable laws when you use the services

,functions available on our Platform or Services. or contact us .You can get customer service using internet with phone or computer.

It is important to  read this Privacy Policy carefully by clicking the "Register"I agree to the mahar shwe myay Privacy Policy", "I agree to the collection, use, disclosure, storage, transfer and/or process my personal data for the purposes specified and subject to the terms of the mahar shwe myay Privacy Policy” registration page .we provide services to you; or when accessing the platform You acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms of this privacy policy.

 Personally Identifiable Information and Profiles This include your name, date of birth, gender, username and password , email address, telephone number. ou use maharshwemyay  Services through the includes other products, information, functions and services operated by maharshwe myay. We will need to save, use, revealed, store and/or process your information including your personal data under this Privacy Policy. Platform shall include all applicable Platforms, Websites.  The Service means the products, information, functions and other services provided by mahar shwe myay from time to time .

This Privacy Policy is to inform you about how to save,use, reveale, store and/or process the information we collect and receive in the course of providing you with services or access to the Platform. Our user registered to use our platform as a buyer or seller; We will collect, use, disclose, store and/or process your personal data under this Privacy Policy

  • We will collect your personal data as  your consent. –

  • Personal data means it is related information to each person. If the record is concrete or not and  true or false We can be used as information that identifies an individual from that information directly indirectly.

  • We may ask to giveus your information when you are use the Platform. or take any action in connection with our Services (for example, when you register to use the Service and/or logging into our platform)

  • -You can deny to provide certain information to us. This may cause you to be inconvenienced by accessing our services. under the terms of the laws in force in each country You may provide the following personal data:

  • We may collect personal information from you, third parties (including, without limitation, agents, partners, contractors, partners and any other person providing services to us . we work with including but not limited to payment providers official sources financial service providers, credit bureaus, shipping, marketing and other partner services). or such information may be automatically collected when you use the Platform or the Services.

You agreed with consent to give ours third parties or our affiliatesfor the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy or other terms . 

  • You agree to submit only non-misleading personal data. and inform us your personal data if they will change. we can check your personal data as law whether they are real or not.

  • -If  you are agreed to ensure give your peronsal data under our policy. or . If you choose not to provide your personal information to us. or have revoked your consent to our use of your personal data, we may not be able to provide you with certain types or forms of our services. or may not be able to give you access to the Platform.

  •  If you provide us with personal data of a third party You hereby represent and warrant that The personal information you provide to us obtains the necessary consent, license and permission from that third party to share and transfer his personal information to us. and for us to collect, store, use, disclose or process that information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

  • Legal and operational purposes 

 we have to verify your identity in connection with fraud detection purposes. 

• we have to compare your data and check information with third parties to make sure they are accurate.

• we have to  deal with customer's complaints, opinions, enforcement. 

  • • we have to collect statistics and research data for reporting. and we have to collect  data as required by internal policies and   by law. 

  •  We have to store in the system, back up your personal data for legal or business purposes. 

  •  we have to revealed your personal information in connection with the tender offer. 

  •  To prevent or investigate in connection with violations or presumed violations of the Terms and Conditions. Privacy Policy or any of our policies, corruption

  • , illegal activities omission or any wrongdoing arising from your use of the service or in connection with anything arising out of any action between you and us. 

  •  For business review (DueDiligence Checks) 

  •  We have to comply with the law. and legal requirements (including displaying your name, contact information, and company information), This is include directives to act under any litigation law, orders from government or regulatory authorities.

  • (e) we have to purpose  that you have given your consent to We have a duty to comply with the law. we have to  notify you with your consent. 

  • 3.3 In the event that you are a purchaser and/or you have signed or registered with us. Personal information that we collect from you or through third parties may be used for the following other purposes:

Execution of your order for the product. (whether sold by us or a third party seller

 • we have to process orders you submit through the Platform. 

• we have to deliver the products you ordered through the platform. We may transfer your personal information to third parties (such as our shipping partners) or to relevant government agencies (such as the Customs Department) for delivery of goods to you. 

• we have to inform you about delivery status. 

•we have  to provide customer care services related to orders, such as returning products you have purchased through the Platform.

•we have to  review and process payment transactions (including credit card payments; bank account transfer non-internet payments, money transfers or ) in connection with any payments made to you; promotional programs you participate in and/or the services you use, in order to review and process your payment transactions; We will need to transfer payment information. This may include personal information. to third parties such as our payment service providers.

Accessing and Correcting Your Personal Data

- You can ask information about your personal data that we have collected. You can questions about the details that we may use, disclose, store or process your personal data through the user account information settings on the Platform by contacting us . You may also request corrections of errors or incompleteness in your personal data that we have collected through the same channels. In order to facilitate the processing of your request We may need to ask you to provide additional information about the request. We refuse claims to correct errors if we consider the claim to be disruptive or unreasonable.

Security of your personal information

7.1 we have to prevent  your personal data from access, collection, use, disclosure, processing, copying, alteration, deletion, damage, misuse. To prevent this situations without permission or from any risks of such nature We have put in physical management measures and suitable techniques such as

(a) restricting access to personal data Only those who need access

(b) implementing technological products to prevent unauthorized access to computer systems;

 (c) Use 128-bit SSL (Internet Data Security Standards), a data encryption technology, for the evaluation of your financial information.

(d) provide other security systems as required under the law

 You should be aware that no matter what There is no system for transmitting information via the Internet. or keeping information through any electronic system that is completely safe Although we cannot guarantee safety We are committed to the security of your information. And we are constantly reviewing and developing security measures for our information.